Kids Class Sundays

Sierra St. Dojo


Kid's Class focuses on the basic tenants of taijutsu, emphasizing escape, tumbling, and an investigation of natural body movement to over come strength, size and speed disadvantages.



Sierra St. Dojo 6:00pm-8:00pm


Adult's Basic Class will focus on the foundations of taijutsu:  the kihon happo (eight basic techniques taught that make up the basis for all taijutsu in future training), exploring the sanshin no kata, and other simple unarmed techniques (striking, grappling, counterstrikes, etc.) - taught by Jocelin Sensei



Sierra St. Dojo


Testing requirements - taught by Dwayne & Tim Sensies



Sierra Street Dojo


Adult's Advanced Class will expand on the basic techniques explored on Mondays with a more extensive dive into more sophisticated unarmed techniques, the nine schools (or ryu ha) of the Bujinkan, weaponcraft (stick, sword, knife, spear, halberds, chain, projectiles, etc.), and the philosophy of budo.


Adult's Sunday

Sierra Street Dojo & Steele Indian School Park


Sundays we'll deep dive into the week's focus and occationally meet at Steele Indian School Park to work with long weapons (halbeards, shoge, etc.), projectiles and taihenjuts.


Seminars & ALIVE

schedule varies


Annually we endeavor to bring in guest Shihan from around the country and the globe to offer unique and specialized study in various areas:  specialized weapon usage, fighting in/against armor, annual themes, specific ryus, etc.

ALIVE- A women's self defense course, based on taijutsu movement and designed for non-martial artists and students of the Bujinkan alike.  This class focuses on threat awareness and avoidance; as well as on simple, natural movement to escape threats to your life and limb and bring you home to your loved ones ALIVE!

Please reach out for more details.