Well it's been an eventful 2017... Dwayne and Tim are both Nidans now (they grow up so fast!) and we moved into our new indoor digs.  It's wonderful to have a place to hang all the 'stuff' and best of all - AIR CONDITIONING!  Last year we hosted the first annual Southwestern Budofest and had a great turn out with folks coming in from Colorado, New Mexico and all over Arizona.  The seminar featured morning breakout sessions with 8 different Shidoshi & Shihan covering everything from Takagi Yoshin Ryu to Tessen; and the afternoon session featured multiple Ju Godans giving their spins on the year's theme of Muto Dori.  In the interest of Bujinkan folks coming together, my hope was that the event would continue annually, hosted each year by another dojo in the community.  Eric Sterns (Budo Taijutsu in Vail Arizona) came through big time (thank you my buyu!), and this year's Budofest was a great success with over 20 attendees playing with ninjato, tying each other up with rope and dodging flying katanas (Muto Dori on steroids!).  

Training kicks off again on January 4th, 2018... looking forward to another great year and hope to see you at training.